Drywall taping, also commonly known as drywall "finishing”, is the process of applying paper or fiberglass tape
over the drywall joints and using drywall compound as a glue to adhere the tape.

Generally, there are 3 coats of taping prior to sanding and priming/painting.

The first coat is as described above, the second is to fill and cover all paper or fiberglass tapes
and the third is to apply a thin layer of compound so smooth that only a light sand is required prior
to painting application.


Drywall Taping is a form of art!

We are very meticulous and not only with our taping applications, but from the start of each project
to the very end. We take every step seriously to complete your project with up-most quality.

Workspace cleanliness. We take extra special care to contain the dust created during the sanding phase
to avoid it from impacting other areas of your home.

At CIS, we have knowledge in all types of taping techniques, from hand troweled to machine application.
We have experience in every form of taping but most often still prefer to use the original trowel and knife.

We are detail oriented! Did we say this already?

When it comes to taping, nothing is more important. It is the final piece of the project before we leave it to the painters.

Before we leave, all of our projects are inspected thoroughly. We do this by using a high wattage light, during our final sand.

For those who want it, we can apply a level 5 finish. This is often done when there is a lot of windows in
the house that produce more natural light. Please inquire for further details.


We are also experts in all types of stipple spray ceilings. We can repair them, remove them, or create them
from new drywall finishes. Want to know more about this? Please inquire for further details.